Denise Roussel

Visiting Zulu

Picture of Denise and Zulu during a visit 2017

Denise visits Zulu

Last weekend, Zulu received a visit from his friend Denise, and she noted this beautiful thought about the visit:

I visited my friend Kenny Zulu Whitmore at Angola AKA Louisiana State Penitentiary and talked to him about how I felt world peace was possible if we as a collective wake up to who WE ARE. Here’s a man who has spent the last 43 years in one of the most violent places in America, prison, 37 years of which were in solitary confinement for a crime that he did not commit. He AGREED with me that indeed world peace is possible!

I also told him that I believed his presence was a major peacekeeping force in that institution. This man is a spiritual GIANT that’s full of joy. He told me, “They may have my physical freedom, but they can NEVER have my spiritual freedom.”