Month: July 2018

The Circle of Life

By: Sede’ Baker. Zulu has allowed Sede’ to post his writings on Zulu’s supporters site.

Life presents messages in a diversity of ways, yet one’s perception, depending on the level of perceiving is a vital stage of deciphering whatever a messege may be.

The message that I find to be the most profound is depicted in the animated cartoon,The Lion King. The Lion King relates the entirety of our essence in a manner suited for the youth to embrace, yet in its rawest form could not be grasped because of the perplexing concepts involved.

The Lion King stressed on numerous occassions ,”The Circle Of Life”. When we analyze the circle of life, we find a natural order that is maintained to sustain a specific balance. To deprive that balance of whatever element acts as a link to the locking of that circle, that balance then becomes disturbed.

This parallels directly with human nature and the family atmosphere. If we scrutinize the family unit, its structure and dynamics, we can then conclude that father, mother, and child are the perpetuators of that order.

The father is recognized as protector and provider, not just from financial or bodily harm but to protect the emotional ,mental, and spiritual state of wife and child to secure future edification. In the father’s absence, what is instilled into the wife, while he’s away making provisions, will be stamped to the child’s mind by the mother to induce mental stimulation.

Usually, the child is surrounded by just the mother. What is seen by mother will be emulated by child, thus the term mother-tongue comes in to the picture because it is mother that is first teacher. It is these teachings that will be continued through the child, permitting excellency and greatness.

But what transpires when the father lacks mental elevation or is absent due to separation, death, or incarceration? Let us examine this thoroughly. Society creates certain standards for everyone to follow. It is these standards and trends that becomes the influence in the molding one’s indentity.
Whatever is the standard of the day becomes the guiding factor, unconsciously of the lifestyle being lived whether it is murder, rape, or robbery. Without a strong male presence to help the child recognize these standards, these standards takes the place of the missing father and rears the child according to those principles.

This can lead to social disfunction, limited upward mobility, and psychological stagnation, which manifest itself as abnormal behavior. But with the male presence, one who has risen above his dillema of ignorance becomes the guide, mentor, advisor, and counselor to whom needs aid.

This destroys the following of standards set by society and transforms the mind into that which is unparalled and allows the propagation of enlightment through future nations. This enables what is exempt from that circle of life to be placed in its natural position, creating continuous order and upheaval, eliminating what exacerbates that lack of balance.

If it’s the male that contributes to this order, would it not be wise to consolidate the connection between man and child?
Think about it!

Written by:
Sede’ Baker

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