Month: September 2018

Updates on our revolutionary brother Zulu – August 2018

Greeting from the Free Zulu Committee Europe,

Just some updates on our revolutionary brother Kenny Zulu Whitmore, who spent 37 years in solitary confinement at the notorious Louisiana State penitentiary at Angola, better known as Angola State Plantation.

Beside the Angola 3, Zulu, who did 37 years in solitary, and Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3, who did 42 years in solitary confinement, are the only political prisoners in Louisiana history to have spent a combined 79 years in islation. Albert Woodfox was freed in 2016, Zulu was released from solitary into the general population of the plantation in 2015.

The Free Zulu Europe Committee is once again happy to bring you this update on our revolutionary brother. He is in very good health for a 64-year-old young man, and still does his workouts and runs the yard. Zulu has a prison job as orderly/health-care worker and he has completed several educational coures to where he has received certificates, and he continues to mentor younger prisoners on using their incarceration to educate and better their lives and to be fathers to their children from that side of the wall, because being incarcerated does not stop one from being a responsible man.

On the legal front, Zulu’s case has been pending in the Louisiana Supreme Court awaiting a decision on a procedure issue for ten months as of this August, so let’s continue to send the brother some love and light. Also, Zulu is awaiting a new parole date to be set that should come at anytime now. I know our brother would say Insh’Allah / God willing.

From recent photos you can see that Zulu’s beautiful sisters, granddaughter, son and friends visit regularly, and as his granddaughter Reagan puts it: “I can’t wait till Big Papa come home.”

The Free Zulu European committee will continue to give updates as we await a court decision or a parole date to be set.

Send our brother some love and light at:

Kenny Zulu Whitmore,
86468 Cypress-3
LA State penitentiary,
Angola, LA 70712

Annabelle Parker & The Free Zulu Committee Europe (

Kenny Zulu Whitmore with his friend Riley

Zulu with his friend Riley visiting him, July 2018

Zulu support cards at Bookmarks bookstore, London, Sept. 2018

Zulu support cards at Bookmarks bookstore, London, Sept. 2018