New Legal team for Zulu!

Dear Supporters of Zulu,

Zulu is in his 47th year of a wrongful conviction for the August 15th, 1973 robbery and murder of the mayor in a rural community in the Parish of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Free Zulu photo with blue sky
Kenny Zulu Whitmore

On February 1st, 2021 Zulu got a new legal team that consists of Emily Henrion Posner, Jim Boren, and a great investigator, Jennifer Vitry.

In 2013 Emily Posner, fresh out of Loyola Law School, took on the monumental task of unthinking the web of lies that sent an innocent man to prison. Now, more seasoned and a pitbull of an attorney who is bringing all of her skills to free Zulu, Posner is lead counsel.

Co-counsel, Jim Boren, is a veteran attorney in the wicked Louisiana judicial system with an amazing track record.

When I last communicated with Zulu, he was corona-free, healthy and in good spirits. And he was scheduled to take his first vaccination shot.

Zulu said of the B.P.P. Ten Point Program: “We still ‘want’ #7, the end to police brutality and outright murder of Black people in America,” and he said in the words of the late great Chairman of the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party, Fred Hampton, “They can jail a revolutionary with a life sentence, but they cannot jail the Revolution. All Power to The People, Zulu.”


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