Month: September 2019

Pack the Courtroom Oct 2nd!

We thought Friday 20th of September there would be another Courthearing, the same as was ordered in April to take place on July 22nd, which was postponed. Please check here for the first announcement.

But it is now October 2nd, at 9:30 AM!

Free Zulu!

Zulu with blue sky, designed by Bev, a longtime friend of Zulu

Sweet Land of Liberty – America the Beautiful

Zulu and Emundo’s article that was originally submitted to this site in April of 2019, was published in the SF Baview of August!

Article in SF Bayview of August 2019 by Zulu and Emundo

Zulu and Emundo’s article in the SF Bayview of August 2019, originally submitted to this site in April.